GA/TA Bargaining Proposal

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The collective agreement for CUPE Local 4580 expired on August 31, 2013. CUPE Local 4580 executive team will be representing all CUPE Local 4580 members in the upcoming negotiations with University of Windsor. As per regulations, the bargaining committee will draft a formal proposal(s) for the collective bargaining process.

The bargaining committee and the executive team would like to invite general members of CUPE Local 4580 to put forth suggestions and/or concerns that you would like addressed during the collective bargaining process. The executive team encourages you to share your opinions and concerns regarding your present work conditions (e.g. safety issues, procedural issues, wage issues, equality, etc.) as Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants at University of Windsor. Your feedback regarding this matter would greatly enrich the bargaining proposal and will ensure a fair and just contract for all.

Some proposals issues that the bargaining committee has discussed so far are as follows:

1. Additional GA Terms for graduate students + (3-5%) Wage Increase
2. Guaranteed GA Assignment
2. Web-Listing of all available positions (4 weeks prior)
3. Ranking Criteria from all departments
4. Defined students to GA/TA ratio

Unsafe and unjust working conditions can greatly affect your experience as a GA or TA at University of Windsor.  Participating in collective bargaining process is one way to achieve safe workplace, fair wage, worker protection, transparent work procedure, and better work experience. The previous collective agreement is available on the website for your reference.

Collective bargaining is hard earned democratic right and as a member of CUPE Local 4580 you are entitled to exercise your rights through actively participating in the collective bargaining process.

You can send your suggestions and feedback to the local e-mail address at or fill out and submit the feedback form available on our website (

The executive team appreciates your participation and looks forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Collective Bargaining Committee
CUPE Local 4580

Important information on recent email about Grad Walkout

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this email to inform all students about an email that was sent out earlier today asking Grad students to walk-out. Also, I have received emails from students asking if we were going on strike.

Firstly, I want to clarify that the email sent earlier today was not sent by the GA/TA union (CUPE Local 4580). We did not authorize any party to email on our behalf neither did we provide our membership list to any third party.

CUPE 4580 is NOT going on strike. In regards to support for CUPE 1393, this issue is being picked up at our upcoming general meeting on Oct 2,2013. (Please visit our website for details.) I encourage all members to come out to this meeting.

Our union has NOT issued any walkout notice. Please be advised that all correspondence to our members is strictly through our union email (

Thank You.

Luv Aggarwal

CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement Update

Dear Colleagues,

Although our collective agreement has expired August 31,2013, it is still valid for one complete year till the time we go into bargaining with the university.

We have not received any bargaining dates or proposals from the university as yet. Once we do, we will be mailing all our members of the same. I want to clarify again that CUPE 4580 is NOT on strike.

Thank You.

Important information regarding strike on campus

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that CUPE Local 4580 represents GA’s and TA’s at the University of Windsor. It is not to  be confused with CUPE Local 1393.

CUPE Local 1393 which represents almost 300  trades, technical, and professional staff at the University of Windsor went on strike early morning of September 8 , 2013.


Why is CUPE Local 1393 on a strike?

The administration has rejected or refused to discuss most of their proposals to protect the jobs and work conditions of their members, even those that they believe would save the university money. Instead the administration has proposed changes that would weaken CUPE 1393 members’ job security and seniority rights and devalue their compensation.

How will a strike by CUPE Local 1393 affect me?

During a strike by Local 1393, the University will remain open. Here is the link to the services that are being affected because of the strike:

The union cannot predict what form these might take, but graduate students will probably notice the effects of a strike most directly on the teaching labs run by technicians, classroom support from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, and depending on your discipline: IT Services, the Chemical Control Centre, technologists in engineering and technicians in the School for Creative Innovation.

If you are concerned about a change in service, please contact the manager of the specific service. When they explain what accommodations they will make, please pass this information back to the GA and TA union, CUPE Local 4580, so that we may share it with others affected.

Please do not perform the work of the bargaining unit while CUPE 1393 members are on strike. If you are uncertain what constitutes CUPE 1393 work, you may direct the question to the CUPE 4580 executive.

What should I expect as I approach a picket line?

Picketers will ask you to support their cause by not crossing the picket line. They may engage in a conversation or offer you some literature explaining the strike. Under no circumstances will they stop you from entering campus. If you experience inappropriate behaviour by a CUPE 1393 picket, please report it to strike headquarters at

What does it mean to cross a picket line?

Crossing a picket line means you ignore the union’s demonstration and go into the place being picketed. You are legally allowed to cross a picket line.

The point of the picket line is to draw attention to the unjust treatment CUPE 1393 are receiving from the administration. By ignoring it, you are telling CUPE 1393 and the administration that you do not support their right to fair working conditions and secure full-time jobs. This can lengthen the time it takes for CUPE 1393 to negotiate a fair settlement and return campus operations to normal.

What if there are no pickets blocking me from entering the campus or a building?

During the strike, CUPE Local 1393 will be picketing the entire university. Please understand that even if you see no picketers physically present at a particular time, if you enter UWindsor facilities while CUPE 1393 are on strike, you have crossed their lines.

I don’t want to cross the picket line. What do I need to do?

If you choose not to cross the picket line, you must inform your professors that you intend not to cross the picket line. Basically, students have the right to refuse to cross the picket line and should make arrangements to make up work missed during this time without penalty. We expect the university will provide specific instructions to all students soon.

Will choosing to honour a picket line affect my academic record?

The university respects the right of students or faculty members, as a matter of conscience, to refuse to cross a picket line in a labour dispute. Informing your professors of your intention not to cross a picket line will not become part of your academic record.

How long will a strike last?

This is impossible to predict. The strike will last as long as it takes to obtain a fair and equitable collective agreement.

How else can I show support for CUPE Local 1393?

Anyone wishing to show support for the cause may wear an “I support CUPE 1393” button, available from the strike headquarters at 856 Sunset Avenue. You are invited to join the CUPE 1393 picket lines or provide any kind words of support. You may also wish to post supportive messages to social media sites and to send a message to President Alan Wildeman asking him to offer CUPE 1393 a fair contract. You can reach Dr. Wildeman at or phone 519-253-3000, ext. 2000.