Update on Collective Bargaining

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We had been in the process of bargaining for a new Collective Agreement for CUPE Local 4580 (GA/TA Union) with the University of Windsor. Unfortunately, an agreement could not be reached between the two negotiating parties.
We have filed for conciliation and the membership will be notified of the conciliation dates once we get them.
What is conciliation?

Conciliation is a process by which a Union or an employer can ask the Ontario Ministry of Labour for help in resolving their differences so that they can reach a collective agreement. Either party may apply to the ministry. If parties are in negotiations, they must use, the government’s conciliation services before they can get into a position to engage in a strike or lock-out. The process of Conciliation is not binding.

What if the University and the union cannot reach agreement in conciliation?

The conciliation officer informs the Ontario Minister of Labour that a collective agreement was unable to be effected. The minister would then generally issue a notice informing the union and the employer that he or she “does not consider it advisable to appoint a conciliation board”. This notice is known colloquially as the “no board”. The bargaining parties must wait seventeen days after a “no board” report before engaging legally in a strike or a lockout.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Labour

In Solidarity,
Bargaining Team