GA/TA Bargaining Proposal

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The collective agreement for CUPE Local 4580 expired on August 31, 2013. CUPE Local 4580 executive team will be representing all CUPE Local 4580 members in the upcoming negotiations with University of Windsor. As per regulations, the bargaining committee will draft a formal proposal(s) for the collective bargaining process.

The bargaining committee and the executive team would like to invite general members of CUPE Local 4580 to put forth suggestions and/or concerns that you would like addressed during the collective bargaining process. The executive team encourages you to share your opinions and concerns regarding your present work conditions (e.g. safety issues, procedural issues, wage issues, equality, etc.) as Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants at University of Windsor. Your feedback regarding this matter would greatly enrich the bargaining proposal and will ensure a fair and just contract for all.

Some proposals issues that the bargaining committee has discussed so far are as follows:

1. Additional GA Terms for graduate students + (3-5%) Wage Increase
2. Guaranteed GA Assignment
2. Web-Listing of all available positions (4 weeks prior)
3. Ranking Criteria from all departments
4. Defined students to GA/TA ratio

Unsafe and unjust working conditions can greatly affect your experience as a GA or TA at University of Windsor.  Participating in collective bargaining process is one way to achieve safe workplace, fair wage, worker protection, transparent work procedure, and better work experience. The previous collective agreement is available on the website for your reference.

Collective bargaining is hard earned democratic right and as a member of CUPE Local 4580 you are entitled to exercise your rights through actively participating in the collective bargaining process.

You can send your suggestions and feedback to the local e-mail address at or fill out and submit the feedback form available on our website (

The executive team appreciates your participation and looks forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Collective Bargaining Committee
CUPE Local 4580